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If you require assistance with your booking, have access restrictions, need a wheelchair seat booked or would like information about our hearing loop, please email bookings@courttheatre.org.nz or phone our office on (03) 963 0870.

Seasons & Special Events

Date: 21 Oct - 14 Jul 2018

Choose three or more shows and save all summer

The 2017/18 Meridian Energy Season

Date: 25 Nov - 27 Jan 2018

SEASON EXTENDED !! Murder. Fame. And All That Jazz

Date: 12 Jan - 22 Dec 2018

Fast-paced, off-the-cuff comedy

Date: 17 Feb - 3 Mar 2018

I’ll find a day to massacre them all

Date: 17 Mar - 14 Apr 2018

All it takes is a little confidence

Date: 12 May - 2 Jun 2018

It’s all the buzz

Date: 16 Jun - 14 Jul 2018

They’re out of their depth

Court Theatre Children's Shows

Date: 17 Jan - 27 Jan 2018

A fun-filled adaptation of the beloved children’s song packed with pirates, princes and magic!

Date: 16 Apr - 28 Apr 2018

Red is brave. Blue is smart. And Green is hungry!

Gift Ideas

Date: 3 Jun - 19 May 2018

Go behind the scenes at The Court Theatre

Date: 31 Dec 2018

Give a little drama to someone you love

The Court Theatre is also the Booking agent for

Date: 14 Feb - 24 Feb 2018

Shakespeare alive and accessible in the open air

Date: 18 Feb 2018

A powerful modern work of peace and hope for those who remain

Date: 23 Feb 2018

A Māori boys musical about his Hollywood Hero.

LANSDOWN FESTIVAL: If you are planning on attending more than one show in the Lansdown Festival, CLICK HERE to save on your ticket purchases

Date: 25 Feb - 3 Mar 2018

Schubert's 'Modezeitunglieder' (Songs for a Fashion Journal) are songs specially chosen by Schubert himself, for publication in this journal over a period of a decade and more.

Date: 11 Mar - 17 Mar 2018

Nine arias, of various characters, musically highlight an otherwise gripping, narrated version of the opera. A great story.

Date: 25 Mar - 31 Mar 2018

C.M. von Weber's operatic masterpiece DER FREISCHÜTZ (The Devil's Marksman) as narropera