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Fresh Ink is a festival of three cuated readings of developing plays. Help the playwrights discover where the laughs and gasps are and get rewarded by the richness of three very different - yet all very kiwi - new plays.

Af ter 30 years, Cassie swaps photography for paperwork, taking on a role in arts management at the local council. Not only is she up against bureaucratic hurdles but the move also pushes her into facing her ex-husband and the haunting memories of her beautiful dancing daughter, Siana.

The Falling
Minnie Dean. The first and only woman to be hanged in New Zealand. Following doctoral student Clemency Xavier’s pursuit into Minnie’s case, The Falling maps out the two women’s lives as they become entwined, risking Clemency’s own relationships and leaving her spiralling.

The Sexiest Man in the World
Chip Stone is sexy. Dangerously sexy. The movie star has returned home looking to make amends with his brother, Brian, a struggling playwright - but Brian isn’t buying it. Chip’s arrival is wreaking havoc in an environment that’s already a pressure cooker as Chip captures the attention of a string of women, including Brian’s wife. Be ready for things to go off and come off!
date: 13 May, 2018 to 27 May, 2018

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